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To celebrate Pride month, we asked you what piece of music puts a smile on your face. We were overwhelmed with positive answers that championed optimism and hope!

1 year ago

Here are the pieces and songs you chose…

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Lots of you told us your favourite classical piece:

Nico Williams: ‘Coronation Anthem’ by Handel and ‘Zadok the Priest’.

John Croall: Hall of the Mountain King.

sir.silver_official: Either ‘Adelita’ by Tárrega or ‘Gran Vals’ by Tárrega

jose_yong96: Kaiser Walzer

orsclaire: Third movement of Beethoven’s “Ghost” trio, op 70 no 1. A burst of vitality and joy!!

Deborah Robson: always the climax of the Spartacus theme by Khachaturian - literally makes me beam like a toddler who’s just been handed an ice-cream…I turn the volume waaaay up and lose myself completely in it

Karen Gavin: Just at the moment I'm learning the ‘Novelette’ by Poulenc in the 2022 grade 8 syllabus, fabulous piece of music, makes me happier every time I (attempt to) play it, that last chord!

There were definitely a few Musical Theatre fans in the mix…

Bea Duval: ‘Consider Yourself’ from Oliver!

Clare Pittaway: ‘Farmer Refuted’ and ‘You’ll Be Back’ from Hamilton.

Allie Hollins: Anything written by Sondheim

And a few people went for their favourite pop songs!

Julija Jacenaite: "Ain't no mountain high enough"

Trilbyse: There are so many!!! Here comes the sun, Silent Worship, Golden Brown, Superstition

sureka_amerasinghe: Ur just too good to be true…can’t take my eyes off you

hindustani_guitarist: ‘Lucky’ by Jason Mraz

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